Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc.
Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc. is a 501 c(3) that sponsors seminars and conferences to help home school families educate their children with confidence.
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  1. Vision
    To provide a network of information and support for home school families, by partnering new home school families with veteran home educators. ​
  2. Support
    We help families lay a strong foundation and build a strong homeschool.
  3. Connecting
    We connect newbie home schoolers with mentors through social media and conferences.
  4. Resources
    We have an extensive network of resources for home school families, to help homeschools flourish and grow.
  5. Learning
    We provide quarterly seminars and annual conferences. See our calendar for more information.
  6. First Point of Contact
    We are always available on email and social media.
  1. LEARN.
    From conferences and seminars
  2. GROW.
    In your role as teacher and Administrator
    Veteran homeschoolers with new homeschool families
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