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Families are a vital part of any community, and home school families are our community.

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We believe families want to connect with one another, teach their children with confidence, and develop strong bonds. Every day, we help families just like yours reach those goals through workshops, special challenges, and sponsored conferences.

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We offer various activities that allow parents to develop, sharpen, or add new skills to their roles as teachers and administrators.

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Home School Journeys: Family Spotlight
  1. The Rouse Family
    The Rouse Family
Each month we'll bring you the stories of home school families. This month, we are pleased to share with you the home school journey of the Rouse family.

In this feature, Latoshia Rouse​, a home school mother of four, discusses how she and her husband utilize technology in their home school.
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Connect the dots to your home school. Complete the workbook challenge in 12 weeks, 12 months, or choose your own pace! 

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