1. The Mastroianni Family
    The Mastroianni Family
    My home school and life have seen many seasons, some busy and full, some quiet and still, some dry and lonely. The Lords knows what is best for each of our families and He gently leads us. Don't let the distractions and busyness drown out His voice -- seek Him each day. Teach and train your children to hear His voice. Seek Godly friendships for not only your children, but for yourself. And most importantly, PRAY. Prayer opens the floodgates for God to come down and be involved in our everyday circumstances.
  2. The Rouse Family
    The Rouse Family
    I have always loved science and math. My husband and I both attended North Carolina State University, where I majored in accounting and he in software engineering. We are a tech family, and usually have a phone, tablet, or computer nearby to research something. We are a unique homeschool family for several reasons, but the main reasons are our family size and technology focus. My husband and I have a six-year-old and three-year-old triplets. We embrace technology and science, and our kids learned to use Ipads before they could speak or walk. We don't usually tell people that because they will assume our kids will never read or write, but that has not been the case. My oldest read by the age of three and my triplets are close to learning to read, themselves. Their handwriting is also age appropriate. For our home school, electronics have helped us introduce and teach concepts and subject matter. We build on that foundation every year by incorporating new technology into their lessons. Once we complete the lessons, we take field trips, which allow the kids to ask questions and experience their education in the “real world.” We have not followed any set rules for home schooling, but rather, we have followed the child.

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