Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

January 27th-28th, 2006   

United Front-Divided Hearts

How God heals, helps, and hones our homeschool

Keynote Speaker: Pastor Johnny Rivera, Calvary Chapel, Apex, NC


    Wake County Office Park
    4011 Carya Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27610
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Cost & Registration:

    Conference price includes light refreshments refreshments Friday/Saturday and lunch on Saturday.

    Full Conference: families $25.00, individuals $20.00
    One Day Attendance: families $15.00, individuals $10.00

Registration  6:00-7:00

Opening Session 6:30-7:00

Session 1 Friday Night


A. When the Teacher Hates to Write

Chelly Barnard

Chelly actually hates to write. Her concrete analytic personality cringes at
the thought of a blank piece of paper. But knowing that she needed to teach
her children the basics of writing, she has collected resources over the
years which helped to structure each assignment in a way that makes it
easier to produce a finished product. In this workshop, she will cover a
general framework for a book report, an essay, a story, and a basic report.

Chelly and Travis have homeschooled their 4 children for 11 years. As well
as spending time with her family, Chelly feels called to minister to the
body in song.

B. Think Outside the Box (or should I say, “Outside the Books”?)

Sheri Rivera

Make learning fun for your little ones.  Learn fun and simple games to help
teach your child their colors, letters, numbers, patterns, sequencing, and
so much more.  Some of these games can grow with your kids to take the
mundane out of your day.

C. Study-An-Animal  (Debbie Jackson & Sharon Puryear)   CHILDREN’S

For children grades 1 and up, who are proficient with scissors and glue sticks (or who have a parent in attendance with them). We’ll
complete a condensed version of Live & Learn’s Study-An-Animal Learn ‘N’ Folder. The folder will be filled with pre-printed blank
books to take home and fill out about the animal of your choice. (Children under 10 must be accompanied by parent.)

Sharon Puryear and Debbie Jackson are homeschool moms who have over two decades of experience between them, having schooled children from kindergarten to graduation. Sharon is still homeschooling her children while also dealing with Live & Learn and teaching private music lessons. Debbie has graduated both of her children and now focuses on the Live & Learn business and ministry and teaching writing to homeschooled children. They have a passion for helping homeschooling families learn in new and innovative ways using special topic Learn-N-Folders, which they created.

KEYNOTE  8:15-9:15

Registration 8:00-9:00

Session 2 9:00-9:50 Saturday morning

D. “Fab Field Trips!”  (Lynne Taylor & Anna Cunningham)

Join this lively duo as they share some of the joys & lessons they’ve gleaned from hosting, planning and learning during field trips. Pointers,
memories and resources will be available (this is part one of a two-part workshop)

Anna’s & Lynne’s travels and learning experiences came together in the year 2000. Introduced to each other at their church, they discovered they were homeschoolers with children almost the same ages. In 2003, Lynne and Anna co-founded the Uniquely Historical Homeschoolers
Club dedicated to field trip learning experiences. Anna is a homeschooler at Heart and lives in Raleigh. Lynne continues to actively homeschool and lives in Mooresville, NC. (near Charlotte). Both are married and have 3 daughters each.

E. Transformational homeschooling – Is your homeschool tailored to your child or is your child tailored to your homeschool?    (Sharon Oney)

This workshop will focus on the importance of preparing a child for God’s calling as opposed to being concerned about whether they are learning what “most kids are learning at that age.”
Sharon has 3 children ages 14, 9 and 3.  She has also worked in children’s ministry for many years at Grace Assembly in Wake Forest where her husband Mike is pastor.  Discipleship of children is one of her greatest passions.

F. The “Home School Family” Fantasy    (Revonda Balser)

What makes your home school a challenge?  Are they permanent challenges or ones that you are facing for a season?  What interferes with your “home school family ” fantasy becoming a reality?  How do we walk in the reality of our circumstances and ajust our expectations to God’s plan for our home school?

Revonda Balser is a single parent of three children with special needs. She has been home schooling for five years and has recently become a full time student.

G. This is American History!    (Gerry Coleman)   CHILDREN’S/TEENS

Learn about American history, the underlying biblical principles on which our government is based, and the history of the drafting and ratification of the Constitution of the United States.

Gerry Coleman is a sixth generation New Yorker, and is married to Wynne. Gerry’s current activities include the American Legion where he is Raleigh Post #1 chairman of the National High School Oratorical Competition and Boys/Girls State.

H. Are we there yet?   (Johnny Rivera)

This workshop is geared towards parents and will provide spiritual and practical insight into raising and home schooling our children.

Johnny Rivera was born in New York and at a young age his family moved back to Puerto Rico where he was raised. At the age of 17 Johnny moved back to New York to pursue a college education. After 15 wonderful years of marriage to his wife, Sheri, they now have three adorable children ages 11, 8 and 6 who have been home schooled from the beginning.

Session 3 10:00-10:50 am

I. My Child is Different and sometimes it Hurts- Supporting Parents to Build

a Supportive Bridge to Children with

Disabilities   (Terri Meyers)

Tips that every parent needs to know in order to succeed at the second hardest job in the world. Terri Cofield Meyers resides in Raleigh with her husband James.  She is the mother of two sons, Dallas and Courtney.  Dallas is a twenty year old young man with autism who now lives in a residential setting.  She has been employed for the last five years with the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC).  Prior to her employment with this agency, she served as Chairman of their Board of Directors.  She also serves as a Council Member of The Council on Exceptional Children at the Department of Public Instruction.  Mrs. Meyers received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York and a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University.
Mrs. Meyers home schooled her late son Jared for five years.  She has had much experience talking with parents who home school around the country.

J. How to Include Learn-N-Folders in Your Curriculum

Debbie Jackson and Sharon Puryear

We will show how to use Learn ‘N Folders in many different ways, incorporating different teaching styles and curriculum choices. There will
be lots of examples to inspire you with! This class is designed mainly for adults.

K. Kids for Cash   (Maureen Dolan Rosen)

Help someone you love learn how to manage their money.

Maureen Dolan Rosen

Maureen is the publisher of the Cash Management Connection line of cash management workbooks, including Kidscash. She is active in promoting financial literacy in NC. and  recently returned from a trip to South Africa where her program is being implemented.

L. Just As I Am: Homeschooling Through Challenges  (Hal & Melanie Young)

Coping with trials and temptations for both moms and dads. Hal and Melanie have been involved with homeschooling families from coast to
coast including California-N.C.  They have seven children age 15 and under, and have homeschooled  from the beginning.  Hal serves as President of North Carolinians for Home Education


Session 4 11:00-11:50 am

N. You Found What, Where?  (Steve Zidar)   CHILDREN’S

An inside look Archaeology/Paleontology –  Join Charlies in this workshop that serves as an introduction to the background, education and experience needed for this line of work. Plus, gain a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a scientist. Hands-on tools of the trade and artifacts from his travels to excavation sites around the world will be shown.

Charles Zidar has interests and experience in both Landscape Architecture and Archaeology.  His work has taken him all around the globe doing
archaeological excavations from Cyprus to Mexico, and landscape architectural projects for Kerr Lake, NC to Dania Beach, FL.  Former Director of The South Florida Museum of Natural History, Dania Beach, FL, he developed and supervised scientific programs in archaeology and paleontology, exhibits development, collections management and artifact preservation and restoration.

O. Patterns of God’s Providence   (Kim Hudson)

Does God really move and work in our lives today? Does He really care about our lives? Is he interested or involved in our daily lives? Does he move and work in the lives of the ordinary? The answer to these questions is “YES! Absolutely!” Hear how God has worked and moved in one ordinary home school lives of one homeschool family and see how you can look back over your own life and home school journey and find evidence of His hand in your life as well.

Kim Hudson is married to James Hudson. They have three children: Mike (15), Kaylyn (13) and Matthew (10). Their vision for home schooling is that all of life is a learning opportunity. They have home schooled their three children from the beginning and plan to continue each child through high school. They are active in their church, First Alliance, in Raleigh.

P. Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends (Sharon Henderson,

assisted by Mari Fitz-Wynn)

Constant care + burdens not shared = emotional/ physical wear and tear. We all know there are challenges when caring for loved ones with serious or long-term illness, but do we know where to find help and how to ask for it?

Sharon Henderson and her husband Dave serve as Region 8 Directors for North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE). They have graduated their daughter, Andrea, who was homeschooled from the beginning. Even though they have graduated their daughter, they still consider themselves homeschoolers for life.

Q. “Fab Field Trips in Action!”  (Lynne Taylor & Anna Cunningham)

In this portion, will more pointers, memories & resources be shared  You will also participate in a  ‘hands-on’ field trip planning process from idea to destination! (part one is a pre-requisite for this portion)

R. Marching to a Different Drummer:  Home schooling a special needs child

(Terri Meyers)

Families struggling through the Special Education maze: who can you turn to?

LUNCH  12:00-12:30

Session 5 12:45-1:50 pm

S. Parks, Plants, and Playgrounds   (Steve Zidar)    CHILDREN’S

Architecture/Landscape Architecture – An introduction to the background, education and experience needed for this line of work. Get a glimpse into a typical day in the life of an architect.  This is a hands-on workshop; tools of the trade will be shown.

T. “I do” is Forever  (Johnny Rivera)

This workshop is for married couples who desire to strengthen their relationship to each other and their children. We will look at our Biblical
roles as husband and wife and the effects they have on our home school experience.

U. “Lord, take the wheel; I can’t drive anymore!”  (Kathy Morgan)

This seminar is geared toward both the novice and the experienced homeschool family.  Many homeschool families are faced with overwhelming challenges at some time during their homeschool ventures. Financial crisis, single parenting, special needs children, marital disharmony are just a few examples. This seminar will help you to prepare for the times when you feel like giving up and offer the essential tools and encouragement to keep you going.

Kathy Morgan lives in Raleigh. She and her late husband Bill have three children.  She has graduated her older daughter, and still schools her
younger two.

V. Learn … Touch,  See, Do, Think  (Beverly Schmitt)

Tailoring Curriculum for your scholar’s needs.

Beverly Schmitt  has taught, trained and supervised college students  as well as assisted homeschool parents in the education of  their scholars with curriculum development . Her study aids have been used by private curriculum providers and is well known to many internet users. (www.prestonspeed)
Beverly and her husband Douglas reside in central PA. with her family.  One daughter has already graduated homeschool and is now attending college at home while her 15 year old daughter is forging ahead with her homeschool studies.

W. What Happens When We Take the Scripture at Face Value?

There are many passages of Scripture that many read but choose not to apply to their lives.  Why?  Could it be that we don’t really believe they apply to us because we live in 21st century America? If the Scripture is timeless truth (which it is), why do we hold contradictory cultural norms so high? Do we really believe that we’ve evolved beyond those truths?  Or are we just clueless as to how to apply them in the times we live? The speaker will point us to some of the Scriptures that the Lord showed him not to explain away, but simply accept at face value, and how God has used them, and is still using them, to hone his family for God’s glory.

Ken Auer is president and founder of RoleModel Software, Inc. and RoleModel Studios, pastor-elder at Southwest Wake Christian
Assembly, and a board member of the Association for the Restoration of Church and Home (ARCH) .
He lives, works, shepherds and educates with his wife, Carol, and three children, Hope, Caleb, and Joshua in Holly Springs, NC.

Session 6  2:00-2:50 pm

X. Restoring Church and Home  (Ken Auer)

The Lord clearly ordained two institutions: Church and Family. Unfortunately, many today seem to emphasize one or the other as predominant,
sometimes to the detriment of the other.  We seem confused.  God, the author of both, is not confused at all.  Here, we discuss how to get back to God’sdesign for both in a way that makes each stronger.

Y. Literary Special Effects   (Beverly Schmitt)

Add zest, zing, and zow to your language arts classes and watch your students soar as Beverly shares her own zany way of utilizing special
effects to promote learning!

Z. Together, Committed, & Ready – All Jokes Aside   (Ernest & Queen Harris)

Homeschooling affords us unique opportunities planned or unplanned to teach our children.  Regardless of how you sometimes feel or how things are going, we must stayed united & focused on the enormous task God has given us.  There will be wonderful days when all goes just as you planned.  And, then there are those days when you question: Is the public school  really THAT bad? Join us as we share, the good, the bad, the ugly, and beautiful reasons for us to homeschool our children.  We’ve come to understand that there is a lesson to be learned in
each circumstance or  situation, and sometimes we must wonder who the student really is.

Ernest & Queen Harris reside in Wendell, NC and have homeschooled their three children (Tre’ – 14, Samuel – 9, and Erin -8) for 3 1/2 years and counting.  It is their commission to impress upon their children the importance of keeping God first, and leading a spirit-led life.

AA. Read, Relax and Rest  (Nancy Bowman)  CHILDREN’S

In this hour Nancy will be reading selected children’s books. Toddlers to teens welcome!

Reading aloud remains a favorite pastime in the Bowman home, where Nancy and Barry homeschool their two sons in Raleigh.


KEYNOTE 3:00-4:00

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